My Canvases Have Been Featured!

Hey guys! So I just wanted to share this with you. But a few months back, I was contacted by April from and asked for an interview. She does many different things on her website, such as tutorials and podcasts! She also has a YouTube channel and her podcasts are featured on iTunes! 

So she interviewed me about my Etsy shop and some of my work. The topic of her podcast was how crafting became cool and how Pinterest has impacted the DIY world. It’s a great topic and a great podcast. She specifically asked me about my canvas paintings. You guys should check it out if you have a chance! Here’s the link:

Podcast with DIYApril

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DIY Glitter Tea Light Candle Holder

Hey everyone! So I just posted a bunch of new items on Etsy and I wanted to share a tutorial of how to create one with you! This is a glitter tea light candle holder! Its a very simple tutorial.

Things you need:
– Tea Light Candle Holder
– Modge Podge
– Glitter
– Rustoleum Clear Spray
– Paint Brush
– Tin foil or wax paper to catch the glitter

Step 1: Use the paint brush to paint a layer of Modge Podge on the Tea Light Candle Holder where you want the glitter to be.

Step 2: Drop the glitter over the Modge Podge over top of the tin foil so you can reuse the glitter that does not stick.

Step 3: Repeat step 1 and step 2.

Step 4: Spray the glittered area with the Rustoleum clear spray to seal the glitter onto the glass.

Finish product with look like this!

I hope this DIY tutorial was helpful to you! If you have any questions, please contact me! Have a good 4th of July weekend everyone!!

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Canvas Painting


So as I was just strolling along through my local Walmart (which I never do because I prefer Target), I came across a pack of 3 canvases. I had been planning on painting some things for my room at school but hadn’t gotten to it. So I decided to get them and finally start. These are the finished products!

The first is an anchor with the quote “Be anchored in life, in love, and in what you believe”. This has a special meaning to me because of many reasons. I love anchors and when I found this quote I had to paint it.

The second is an ombre background with the quote “no one is too old for a fairytale”. My twitter name is @likeafairyTAYL (follow me hehe) because I love fairytales. I love Disney and princesses and all that stuff. And I truly believe that no one is too old for their own fairytale. And pink is my favorite color 🙂

The third is a chevron pink and white background with a glitter T. I love chevron and I love monograms and initials and all that jazz.

But anyways, I just wanted to share my latest project with you guys. They are now available on my Etsy shop and you can customize them however you want (colors, designs, quotes, anything). So check them out!

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Coming SOON!

I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m working on some new products right now! I’m working on some headbands, as well as some clothing! When I post the products on Etsy, I will definitely post here first so keep a look out! In the mean time, share my blog and Etsy shop with people you know! I would really appreciate itl. If you have any requests, I would love to hear them so post your comments and thoughts!

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Quick and Easy DIY crop top

Hey guys! So I always love doing DIYs obviously. I love reusing old clothes to make newer looking ones. So for this DIY all you need is:

– a tshirt you want to make into a crop top
– scissors
– crayon (if you want)


Take your old t-shirt and cut around the neck seam. I normally just follow the seam that is already there and then cut more later if I want a different shape or length.


Next take your crayon and draw where you want to cut your sleeves off. I normally just start with halfway in between the sleeve seam and neck seam because you can always go back and cut more off if you don’t like it. I used a white crayon to draw the outline so I could cut neatly.


Cut both sides off. You can either use the scrap from the one sleeve to measure out the other side so they are the same or you can fold your shirt in half and cut along the edge.


Next you are going to be cutting the bottom of the shirt. I cut a chunk off (about 4-6 inches) depending on how big the shirt is. After that, Use your crayon to draw like a half moon shape.


Cut along the line


Next you want to cut the back so it is the opposite shape of the front. You dont really have to cut much off. I only trimmed a little triangle on each side so it was not as boxy. You can use your crayon to trace this as well.


This is what it should look like.


You can either end there or make it a racerback tank. Thats what i’m going to do. I used my crayon to trace where I was going to cut in the back of the shirt. When you cut, make sure its only in the back and not on the front of the shirt.


Tada! You’re done. Heres my finished shirt




I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I hope it helped in your crop top travels. Come back for more tutorials later! Comment if you have any questions!


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Newest Products

New Products

Hey y’all! I just wanted to share the latest addition to my Etsy shop. Obviously I’m still building it up but it’s a good feeling to finally add some more products. Check out my shop to see some great prices and add a little sparkle to your life! Shine on!

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Why DIY gifts are better than store bought gifts.

Say Hi To DIY

DIY is basically home made, it means do it yourself. I think that DIY gifts are better that store bought gifts. People may think that store bought gifts are fancy and that they want to get to impress somebody. Wouldn’t you want something with a little more meaning?

Gifts that are homemade have more meaning. Let’s say that it was your mom’s birthday, and you got her an colorful iPhone case for $20. Yes, the iPhone would be useful but wouldn’t a homemade iPhone case would have more meaning. I would get an old iPhone case and glue a picture of us and say some cute message so that every time that she looks at her phone she will be reminded of all the work you put in for her. Most parents like gifts that come from their children not from the store. Giving a DIY gift to one of…

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